Short name AZB
Address: 05 St. No. 18, Him Lam Residential Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC
Telephone (84-8) 6 251 5061– Fax: (84-8) 6 251 5052 – Email:
Business registration certification: 0310734321
Tax code: 0310 734 321
Form of company: Joint Stock Company
Main business::
- Excuting industrial and civil construction for domestic and foreign business
- Steel structure fabrication
- Industrial construction business
Mr Tran Minh Nhon

Mr. Tran Minh Nhon

General Manager

Logo’s meaning:

Meeting and Shining


- The logo design was inspired with the first letter of the company's core values: "Build from A to Z" and the five-pointed star, a symbol of the persistence in the five basic elements (metal - wood - water - fire - earth).

- The latin letters in AZB’s logo design are clearly demonstrated simply, solidly but no less delicatively and honestly. They are also the core values of AZB providing customers with optimal value as well as on the basis of the same ecological sustainability.

- Five beams of the five-pointed star symbol is simple, powerful but not less delicate & flexible, which is characteristic for the construction industry, the core activity of the business. These symbolize the five basic elements, reflecting the ongoing movement and development of AZB.

- AZB is an acronym for the business name, an invaluable asset has been built and developed over the past six years and it is constantly evolving.


Two main colors are white and blue.

- White: The color of light as well as steel metal. It is also a symbol of prosperity, new beginning, which brings pleasant feelings and friendly.

- Blue: The color of sky, ocean as well as symbol of faith. Blue is the color of cooperation, success and sustainability.

The combination of blue and white shows integrity, professionalism, sustainable development and belief.


"Build from A to Z": Meaning of construction design package of Industry & Fabrication - Steel structure installation

Core Values

Leaders and staff in AZB commit to living and working in accordance with the core values of the company, building a professional and strong corporate culture and developing foundation of each human being.

For customers: Always prestigious, responsible, enthusiastic and happy to create satisfaction the expectation of customers.

For partners, suppliers:Always prestigious, respect, corporative based on joint development.

For co-workers: Always friendly, close-knit, co-synergy for common goals, teamwork and sharing spirit.

For self: For self: Always prestigious, positive thinking and acting, upright, discipline and constantly training.

For job: Always responsible, self-conscious, positive, ready to face all challenges, ensuring thee best fulfillment of tasks assigned with the spirit of innovation and creativity.

For environment and community: Always responsible to share and develop with community, protect environment, contribute to building and protecting human values.