Short name: AZB
Address: No.24-24A, St. 6, New Him Lam Residential Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC
Telephone: (+84) 028 6251 5061– Fax: (+84) 028 6251 5052 – Email: 
Business registration certification: 0310734321
Tax code: 0310734321
Form of company: Joint Stock Company
Main business:
– Construction package for industrial project and civil project – Design – Manufacture – Erection of steel structures – Business Investment – Factory, warehouses, and industrial construction for lease.



Mr. Tran Minh Nhon

General Director

Founded’s idea

The main logo consists of 2 parts: The brand name AZB and the image of the rising human being connected to AZB in an “A” dash. Below is the slogan “Build Trust on Discipline.”

Logo meaning

The logo uses thick and strong fonts, showing the strong and sustainable development of the AZB brand on the bsic of a system of disciplines and rules.

With the philosophy that SUITABLE PEOPLE are the most valueable of the Organization, the successful developmetn of AZB people is the sucessful development of AZB. The image of a human being rises storngly with the letter “A” with an upward stroke, expressing a desire for breakthrough, constranly learning to improve. 

The connection direction from A- Z expresses the diverse development, satisfying customer’s expectations with a system of products and full services in which Construction is the focus.

The color meaning

“BUILD TRUST ON DISCIPLINE” – AZB builds trust with Clients, Partners, Employees on the foundation of the organization’s disciplined principles tight consistenly, which is the core management philosophy for AZB to develop sustainable prosperity. Gray shows the highest level of commitment. 


“Build trust on discipline”


In 2025:

  • Becoming the best construction, operation and execution company in Vietnam (KPI)

  • Top 10 largest construction companies in Vietnam (KRI)

In 2030:

Top 5 largest construction corporations in Vietnam (KRI)



The journey of passion and aspirations of people who join together to experience the way of building a business of continuous learning for the mission of human development and social service through building products more perfect.



Unite Forces

Non-stop Learning

Mindful of Love

Stay Committed

Disciplinary Action

Integrity Conduct

Transparent System



Leaders and staff in AZB commit to living and working in accordance with the core values of the company, building a professional and strong corporate culture and developing foundation of each human being.

For customers:Always prestigious, responsible, enthusiastic and happy to create satisfaction the expectation of customers.


For partners, suppliers:Always prestigious, respect, corporative based on joint development.

For co-workers: Always friendly, close-knit, co-synergy for common goals, teamwork and sharing spirit.

For self: Always prestigious, positive thinking and acting, upright, discipline and constantly training.


For job: Always responsible, self-conscious, positive, ready to face all challenges, ensuring thee best fulfillment of tasks assigned with the spirit of innovation and creativity.

For environment and community: Always responsible to share and develop with community, protect environment, contribute to building and protecting human values.