AZB Joint Stock Company offers customers a package solution in the field of general industrial construction, from design to production, erection, construction and warranty. With the advantage of being a pioneer in the Design – Construction model in Vietnam, AZB has closed the most optimal, most professional process and modernized all stages to create maximum satisfaction for customers as well as optimal quality and progress for each project. AZB committs to bringing customers the highest benefits from:

Competitive price

AZB processes is in accordance with ISO 45001: 2015, the optimal construction method and design minimizes raw material production costs and speeds up the construction progress.


Optimal design

AZB has professional, experienced design team and specialized design software in accordance with European and American standards to offer optimal design options and suitable for each project and budget of cutomer.


Outstanding quality

We have experienced architects, experts, technicians, skilled workers, they are always check strictly control each stage of construction, ensuring high technical and aesthetic features in everything.


Commitment to progress

In a project, all resource of AZB always aim to be highly concentrated and closely coordinated. Along with the close supervision of the Board of Directors, the Project Managers, the Project Site Managers in every period, as well as regularly measuring the risks arising to ensure a commitment on project progress, meeting responding to the trust of the investor.


Safety assurance

AZB always upholds the standards of technical safety, labor protection, as well as environmental protection for all personnel and construction sites. In addition, everyone at AZB is always highly aware of the responsibility to create a work environment that is humane and absolutely safe.


Dedicated warranty

The Customer Service department, as well as the Board of Directors are always ready to respond to the after-sales support requests of customers after acceptance and put into using to provide assurance throughout the design stage to handover.