Construction is an industry with high potential risks of occupational safety, but at AZB, work safety is always the top concern.


Safety is the most important career principle to us.


How do people get home safely after each workday?

How to be safe but not only banners and slogans?


During 10 years of development and innovation, AZB constantly strives to build a safe working environment and share a safe culture with all employees. Every action comes from the awareness, the safety message is always conveyed by the employee anytime, anywhere with a strictly controlled process, professional security.


Understanding the regulations and knowledge of safety is a required condition for every employee at AZB. Therefore, all workers entering the site are required to undergo safety training sessions.


Every small mistake leads to big consequences. Not only sharing knowledge, but AZB also regularly organizes awareness training sessions for employees. Detect and promptly prevent potential risks through periodic safety inspections, hold meetings to analyze and find out because of backlog to come up with corrective solutions.


At AZB, it is our Safety Committee’s joy to see our members leave happily, safely and healthy after a day’s work.


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