Prominence of AZB is the projects with the optimal design solutions from the experienced, professional, well – training design team.

AZB gives customers absolute satisfaction and peace of mind in design quality, suitability for extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Engineers implement the design through the following stages:


– Technical design: All architectural drawings as well as steel structure drawings are evaluated to ensure the safety of the bearing capacity, load requirements of use, environment, art, etc.
– Production design: Complete, accurate and detailed of each component, size, quantity, technical requirements, 3D shape.

– Erection design: Description of layout of each component and the installation requirements and diagram.

All projects are designed and manufactured according to the latest US, UK standards:


The whole process is designed by using specialized software and group testing in detail.
AZB uses the latest and most advanced softwares such as: SAP (2000), STAADPRO, ETABS (2013), CFS, TEKLA, AUTOCAD, AUTOCLIP, etc.