AZB Joint Stock Company is general contractor which was established on 30th March 2011. On very first day, we always know that our success and development go with customer satisfaction and rewarding projects. Additionally, definitely keeping reliability, commitment is lodestar in company development.

In our continuous development process, company teams always complete their mission. This is eager and passion journey of team members who work together. Through the journey, the members experience the continuous learning process, human development to assist society.

With the thought that keeping our reliability is essential in business, we gained the amazing achievements. We build human resource working together, who are strong experience, skillful, highly disciplined, honest and transparent. With great company culture with talented team members we are able to be adapted to domestic and international clients’ demands.

Thanks to our customer trust, we are really graceful to have chance to contribute to the customer success. The customer trust is core value to make AZB successful.


Tran Minh Nhon
General Director 
Logo AZB


* Logo uses the thick and heavy font showing the strong and sustainable development. AZB logo is based on discipline and principle system.
* Our philosophy is appropriate people is essential part of organization, the development of company member is the success of AZB. Strong human growth picture and the A letter with upward dash line illustrate the eager of breakthrough and continuous learning.
* The linked line between A and Z illustrates the variety of development and customer satisfaction. We concentrate on the system of package service.

Colour meaning:
* The dark green illustrates mainly the integrity, reliability, commitment and cooperative working. This green colour also means the hope and dream to peak of success.
* The yellow illustrates the passion at work, energized performance and creativity. The orange points at desire of people in AZB creating our success of company.

Slogan meaning:

“BUILD TRUST ON DISCIPLINE” – AZB is building up reliability with our clients, partners and employees. The principle of organization which is rigid, disciplined and consistent core value of AZB’s strong and sustainable development. The gray colour shows the strong commitment of AZB.

Appreviation name: AZB
Address: No.24-24A, 06th Street, Him Lam New Urban Area, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC
Tel: (+84) 28 6 251 5061– Fax: (+84) 28 6 251 5052
Number of business registration certificate: 0310734321
Tax code: 0310734321
Type of business: Joint Stock Company