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With the philosophy "Appropriate people is essential part of AZB development", we work together continuously for company innovation and development. This action gives employees chances to improve themselves for company success. We build a professional working environment and company culture based on 7 core values which is lodestar in company development:

1. Solidarity & Unity
2. Lifelong Learning
3. Love the job
4. Always keep the commitment
5. Act by discipline
6. Behave with integrity
7. The system is transparency

We always think that company develops and succeed only if the company's human resources develop their attitudes, knowledge, skills and understanding company's philosophy. Therefore, our strategy focus on developing human, recruiting, training with superior training programs in short term and long term.

Our basic training programs are relied on the training Model 70/20/10. We combine internal and external training. We plan to create long-term training programs such as source engineer and potential manager, etc.

Understanding that investing in human capital development is long-term process, we build compensation policy from the perspective of respecting of talents. Additionally, we apply reward and punishment policy transparently. Good people who work effectively and positively must be rewarded.

The company believes that growing and successful enterprise must take care of the members. We create suitable conditions for all members to promote their strengths, then they will contribute their values on the company. Our employee will consider the company as their family. Leaders must always be a role model who sacrifices their interests for subordinates. At first the members have to be prosperous, then the company will be more successful.
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