Company culture is the soul of AZB a key factor to create a different competitiveness, building stronger team cohesion, creating a successful and sustainable development. Building positive corporate culture and core values ​​of AZB is one of the most important strategic goals that we always focus on. In order to achieve those goals we organize regular programs such as:

  • Implementing the AZB REWARDS SYSTEM, which is a corporate award system to honour individuals and groups that take positive actions for building AZB Corporate Culture. In particular, many typical awards are regularly awarded such as the Golden Hammer Award, the Golden Person award, etc.
  • By connecting team members, improving working environment, we deploy activities regularly such as exchanged programs, anniversary events, sports, letters and arts activities, coffee talk sessions, Teambuilding, leadership sharing experience session, etc.
  • We deploy regularly social activities such as donating funds for charity activities, directly implementing charity activities, helping flood compatriots, building charity houses, implementing Greenday every week at all sites for the green – clean – beautiful environment, etc.
  • We help all members of the company to have better understanding of the company's culture and working environment.
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