AZB an toàn lao động

AZB always takes an effort to keep commitment about Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (HSQE) through compliance with legal requirements, continuously improving the management system with the following main principles:
- Always be aware of people are the most valuable asset. The employees's safety and health is always a top priority for the entire operation of the company.
- Ensure that all AZB personnels, employees and workers can be participated in the execution process, evaluation and improvement of the health and safety system. Implementing the motto "Each engineer, each worker is a safety officer".
- Comply in accordance with all legal requirements and meet the strict requirements from clients.
- The organization guarantees about control of safety and health hazards in a best way in case of arising unexpectedly in all activities, in addition to taking drastic action to prevent problems of diseases and injuries to achieve the goal of a non-incidental working environment.
- Supply workers, visitors, contractors with sufficient information, guidance, training, supervision and other actions related to ensuring safety and health; in order to ensure good control of risks that may arise and prevent risks related to injury , occupational diseases.
- Ensure all machinery and equipment are in maintance of safe conditions and must comply with inspection and monitoring periodically. The board of directors is committed to providing all appropriate resources to implement the purposes and commitments set out with the consensus of cooperation throughout the system.
AZB An Toàn Lao Động - Chính Sách

- Develop customer satisfaction based on ensuring Safety - Quality.
- Communicate the importance of ensuring project quality, construction processes to all employees.
- Ensure the proper construction process according to the design and drawings as agreed.
- Always optimize and improve management system, service process, customer care.
- Focus on building high quality resources, a professional team combined with extensive specialized knowledge.
- Always update the quality management process effectively and in sync.
AZB an toàn lao động - chính sách

- Set clear goals and regularly monitor progress.
- Organize training on environmental protection for employees.
- Protect the environment by limiting and minimizing air, water and soil pollution adversely affected by construction activities.
- Arrange environmental personnel to implement protection measures including developing environmental impact assessment reports or environmental protection plans for construction projects.
- Maintain safe and healthy working environment through the maintenance of equipment, provide a safe working system, and safely store, use, process and transport construction materials.
- Maintain emergency and effective response procedures for potential incidents such as fire incidents, chemical spills and uncontrolled waste ...