1. Training and developing

“Training and developing” is the motto of AZB to help staffs maximize their potential and career direction, suitable for each individual to develop themselves and become the leaders in the future.

Training programs include:

  • Integration training for all staff
  • Short-term professional skills training for employees
  • Training potential leaders


2. Young and dynamic workplace

We constantly improve the working environment and conditions to create the most comfortable place for employees when working at AZB.

When you come to AZB you will be amazed at a young – dynamic – energetic – confident team, especially they are very friendly.


3. Salary and bonus system

    • Salary increase: Considering increasing salary once a year periodically. Time to consider increasing salary is from the beginning of the year. The rate of increasing salary is based on the performance of the previous year
    • Project Award: Based on the results of the project and the criteria set by the Board of Management, at the end of the project, staff will be awarded based on the published bonus levels announced at the beginning of the project. AZB will reward individuals and teams with good performance, in addition to the excellent individuals and groups to honor and award merit for the special achievements in the period.
    • Bonus: AZB is always leading of other companies in the same industry for year-end bonuses. 
    • ESOP Rewards: At the management level of the corporation from level 4 (head of division upwards), every year, there is a bonus policy for seniority, rank and performance. These great value bonuses help employees to accumulate and secure long-term contributions to the corporation.
    • Bonus to exceed the target: Each year, the Board of Management will receive a bonus exceeding the profit target based on the ratio approved by the shareholders’ meeting. This is also the recognition of the dedication and efforts of AZB management in directing to effectively management of shareholders.


4. Welfare Policy


AZB is one of the best systems on the market today.

  • Policy for purchasing health and accident insurance 24/24 for employees.
  • Promotion policy for children of managers and staff
  • Tour program for staff and relatives
  • Annually general health checks for employees
  • Staff – caring policies: birthday, Tet, Mid-Autumn, International Women, wedding, visits, etc.
  • Supporting for lunch, business trip, telephone, etc.
  • Free weekly sports service for staff to exercise


5.Sharing responsibility with society

AZB leadership always builds a company that develops on the basis of community development through volunteerism. In addition, visiting and gift-giving programs for poor children in the centers inside and outside the city are held annually with gratitude building programs as a responsibility to help those miserable lives have the opportunity to develop.