AZB believes in providing the best solutions, high quality products and the most perfect service for your project.

The product is manufactured with three separate parts to produce three main components that make up the workshop:

Main components:: columns, beams.

Spare parts: purlin, door, etc.

Roofing panels: roofing, wall coverings, etc.



1. Cut

Cutting by CNC automatic cutting machine can cut any shapes. All panels are cut to the required size by extremely hot temperatures and capable of cutting steel panels up to 80 mm in thickness.



CNC automatic cutting machine

may cat

Cutting machine 6100 x 20 mm, cutting steel 20 mm in thickness.

may cat

Cutting machine 6100 x 16 mm, cutting steel 16 mm in thickness.

2. Perforate:

After cutting, using semi-automatic machines for drilling or punching on cut panels as required. Equipment: drilling machine, claw machine.

3. Assembling:

The work of assembling steel panel into an I-shaped cross section structure through automatic assembly machines.
Equipment: automatic assembly machine.

rap tu dong

4. Solder & link detail solder:

The assembled components are transferred to the soldering of two steel plates by arc-shaped welding.

This process creates good quality, high strength and excellent tightness. Solder is completed by electrode solder.

Solder is made in accordance with the latest technical guidelines of Vietnam Standard.




5. Clean the surface:

Finished frames and completed solder are cleaned mechanically or by using sand blasted depending on customers’ choices.




may phun bi

6. Paint:

AZB Steel uses high-pressure industrial paint machines with American technology. These joints are spray painted gray, red or other special paint as specified by customers.

Normally there are 2 coatings: the first layer is the anti-rust paint, followed by the coating. The thickness of the coating is 80μm or more to ensure the longevity of the steel component. In special cases, customers require the thickness of 100 μm or more, ATAD will paint 3 coats.

Equipment: high-pressure sprayer, grinder (5 units).

may son


1. Shaping

Secondary components like purlins are made from rolled galvanized steel or cool-rolled steel with ASTM standards. These materials are rolled into Z-shaped and C-shaped form from rolled steel with a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5mm.

Shaping time takes about 2-3 minutes. After shaping with rolling machine, the surface of the purlin will be very smooth and beautiful without any scratches on the surface.

Equipment: C-shaped purlin machine, Z-shaped purlin machine.

may can xa go

2. Perforating

Purlin is cut and perforated according to the customers’ requirement of distance and standard.

3. Paint

AZB uses high-pressure industrial paint machines with US technology. These joints are sprayed gray or red paint or other special paint as specified by customers.



All kinds of panels are rolled from high-grade steel, cool-rolled steel coated with zinc aluminum alloy and primer with ASTM standards.

Equipment: panel rolling machine.

Máy Cán Tôn Sóng Lock420

Lock420 Purlin Rolling Machine.

Máy Cán Tôn Sóng 5 Sóng

5 spans Purlin Rolling Machine.

Máy Cán Tôn Sóng Seam65

Seam65 Purlin Rolling Machine.

Máy Cán Tôn Sóng Seam116

Seam 116 Purlin Rolling Machine